Dendeng House was established by Mr. Dendeng Tan in the year 1991, from a humble beginning and trying out using various recipe and using only high quality Halal meat.

Since then, Dendeng House has successfully manufactured our very own Dendeng Halal BBQ Meat in our Woodlands Loop factory and the rest is history.  

Dendeng House is the manufacturer of Dendeng Chicken (Ayam), Dendeng Beef (Daging), Dendeng Sausage, Dendeng Pizza, Chicken Floss, Beef Floss, Salai Beef, Salai Chicken. Dendeng House Halal BBQ Meat is currently being supplied to all local major halal restaurants such as : food caterers, bakeries, food outlets. 

Dendeng House Beef & Chicken Floss production began in year 2002. And in the year 2015, Dendeng House started manufacturing Frozen Packed Dendeng and supply to local minimart and for delivery to household locally for BBQ & Catering functions. We also received numerous orders to supply Export Packaging to bring back to our customers' home country in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & the Middle East. Instructions on thawing & preparing the Frozen Packed Dendeng is easily available on our website.

Currently, Dendeng House Halal BBQ Meat is being retailed at our very own Retail Shop while all our Halal BBQ Meat are freshly grilled and prepared by our staffs at the retail shop daily.

How To Get?

Visit our retail shop to make direct purchase or you may contact us

Email: info.dendeng@gmail.com
Contact No.: 6344 4117

About Supplier

If you are interested in becoming our distrubutor,please feel free to get in touch with us.

About Delivery

Dendeng House takes pride in producing good quality "Dendeng Halal BBQ Meat". Please contact us for local delivery & exporting of our packed Dendeng to bring back to your home country to get a taste of it at the pleasure of your own home.

Dendeng House

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