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Dendeng House takes pride in producing good quality "Dendeng Halal BBQ Meat". Please contact us for local delivery & exporting of our packed Dendeng to bring back to your home country to get a taste of it at the pleasure of your own home.


You may purchase directly from our outlets: Dendeng House - Millage
55 Changi Road, #01-20, Millage, Singapore 419709
Dendeng House - Geylang Serai
1 Geylang Serai, #01-210, Geylang Serai Market, Singapore 402001

Dendeng House

DDHS Food Manufacture Pte. Ltd.

  • Blk 15, Woodlands Loop,
    #01-49/50, Woodlands Industrial Estate
    Singapore 738322

  • 6853 3544

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